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Holiday in France in every season

Vacation in France in every season at Villa Parcs

Vacation in every season at Villa Parcs

Discover our tips for spring, summer, fall, and winter

Those looking for a vacation in France usually go in summer or in winter. But this does not mean you can't have a great vacation outside these seasons. On the contrary, spring and fall are perfect for holidaymakers looking for quietness, space, and authentic France.  That's why you can go to Villa Parcs in every season! With our range of three vacation parks in various regions of France, you'll always find a vacation park that meets your demands. Keep reading to learn where you should go in which season!

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Vacation in spring 🌱 | Les Forges Villas & Domaine Castellane

When after a long winter the sun starts showing up some more again and nature is slowly coming back to life, you undoubtedly feel like heading out. Whereas spring can still be chilly in the Netherlands, it's already very pleasant in France. With an average temperature of 19°C in Poitou Charentes, staying in a villa at Les Forges Villas is not bad at all. Domaine Castellane is slightly more chilly, with an average of 17°C in Castellane, but no less beautiful. This vacation park is near the breathtaking Gorges du Verdon. An additional advantage of staying here in spring is that this tourist attraction is a lot less busy.

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Vacation in summer 🌻 | Les Forges Villas & Parc Madeleine & Domaine Castellane

During summer in France, each holiday park offers a different experience. Active holidaymakers pick a holiday in the French Alps in summer at Parc Madeleine. Les Forges Villas is the perfect place for a summer vacation with the entire family. The large villas, a great swimming pool, and the child-friendly facilities make this the perfect family destination. Crazy about water and water sports in summer? Book at Domaine Castellane, which is not only close to Gorges du Verdon but also to various lakes with water sports options.

Vacation in fall 🍂 | Les Forges Villas & Parc Madeleine & Domaine Castellane

Fall might be the most underrated season for a vacation in France. In France the landscape also turns into a colorful spectacle in fall. And with temperatures that are still rather pleasant, it's the perfect time for nice hiking or cycling tours. Whether this is in the Alps, in the Provence, or in the countryside in Poitou Charentes. By the way, did you know grapes are harvested in fall?  So be sure to schedule a visit to a vineyard in fall. And of course don't forget to bring a bottle of wine yourself, delicious after a long walk in fall in France. 

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Vacation in winter ❄️ | Parc Madeleine & Domaine Castellane

When you think of a vacation in winter in France, there's probably only one thing that comes to mind: winter sports! Parc Madeleine is the perfect place to go for true winter sports fanatics. This holiday park is not only located in the middle of a large winter sports area, the luxurious chalets and apartments are located right by the ski slopes. Isn't that perfect? You can also go to Domaine Castellane for a winter sports vacation, various skiing areas can be reached by car within an hour.

The vacation parks of Villa Parcs

Of course you are curious about the three vacation parks of Villa Parcs now. Will you pick Parc Madeleine, a vacation park in the French Alps? Will you pick the Provence in Southern France, and therefore Domaine Castellane? Or rather a real villa in the countryside at Les Forges Villas? Whatever your choice, at Villa Parcs we ensure you have a great vacation in France in every season!

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