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Holiday French Alps

Holiday French Alps

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Vacation in the French Alps

When thinking of a holiday in the French Alps , one often thinks of a winter sports holiday in the French Alps . But also in summer it is very nice to discover the French Alps. This area has many opportunities for activities for young and old. From winter sports to mountain biking and paragliding, you are guaranteed to experience an active holiday in the French Alps. After an active day in the beautiful surroundings, you, of course, want to have dinner or a drink in a restaurant. In this area there are many possibilities to enjoy French cuisine. In short, here you will experience a very versatile holiday with fun for everyone. With Parc Madeleine, Villa Parcs offers a suitable place for your holiday. With whom are you going on vacation to the French Alps ?

Impression of your holiday in the French Alps


Your stay during a holiday in the French Alps

Are you already convinced to enjoy a holiday in the French Alps? Then the search for a nice holiday park in the French Alps remains. At Villa Parcs you can stay at Parc Madeleine, located in the town of Saint-François-Longchamp, directly at the 165-kilometers ski area Grand Domaine. You can stay here in an apartment or chalet suitable for a maximum of 12 people . This park is the place for winter sports fanatics. Start the day with a good breakfast, thanks to our bread service. Then the day can start on the slopes, from your apartment or chalet you can ski straight onto the slopes. After a wonderful day, you and your group can enjoy conviviality in your accommodation. Delicious dining, talking about the adventures and playing games. But even in summer you can certainly enjoy the beautiful mountainous area.

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Outdoor holiday in the French Alps

As you have read earlier, this is also a wonderful holiday spot in the summer. The French Alps are the place for real active people who love an outdoor holiday. Hiking, mountain biking, survival, canoeing and fishing, you will almost run out of time here. You will understand that it is a good idea to bring the photo camera and shoot some beautiful pictures. Enjoy the French Alps from your apartment or chalet at Parc Madeleine in the summer.

Outdoor activities

▶ Mountain biking
▶ Cycling
▶ Canoeing
▶ Hiking
▶ Mountain climbing
▶ Skiing
▶ Tobogganing