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Parc National de la Vanoise

5 reasons to visit Parc National de la Vanoise!

Discover the versatile Parc National de la Vanoise
In beautiful Savoie, you will find the impressive Parc National de la Vanoise. This is one of France's largest national parks. The mountainous landscape, unique plant and animal species and the picturesque mountain villages make this park a must-see during your holiday in France. You will also find many opportunities for challenging sports such as climbing and mountain biking in summer or skiing and cross-country skiing in winter. So this is a top destination all year round! We highlight some of our favourite highlights:

Parc National de la Vanoise

Admire the beautiful nature

You will feast your eyes on the magnificent nature of Parc National de la Vanoise. Among other things, vast forests, rolling plains, azure lakes and snow-capped mountain peaks invite you to explore. The highest peak in this area is the Grande Casse at 3855 metres. Many hiking trails of different lengths and levels lead you through the varied landscape.

Discover the animal world

Many wild animal species live in Parc National de la Vanoise; chances are you will spot an ibex or chamois jumping from one rock to another in the mountain landscape. Rodents such as marmots, hares and voles are also common here. You can also spot various bird species such as golden eagles, black grouse and bearded vultures.

A unique variety of plants

Parc National de la Vanoise is home to more than 1,200 different species of flowers and plants. Of these, 107 species are officially protected. Some nice examples are the vanilla orchid with a delicious vanilla scent, the glacier ranunculus with white leaves and a striking yellow heart and the rusty-leaved alpine rose. Succulents also grow here; the rare Apollo butterfly deposits its eggs on this plant.

Parc National de la Vanoise

Sporting activities

The varied landscape of Parc National de la Vanoise is the ultimate base for an active day in nature. Hop on a mountain bike and take a challenging trip through the forests or climb the rocks like a true adventurer. In winter, this natural area is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. The winter sports village of Pralognan la Vanoise lies at the foot of this area and offers hundreds of kilometres of challenging ski runs.

Special sights

The landscape of Parc National de la Vanoise looks straight out of a postcard. You will find unique sights such as authentic French villages. Discover the stone houses of Bonneval-sur-Arc or take the cable car up from Pralognan-la-Vanoise. The sixty-metre-high Waterfall de la Fraiche is also a real highlight that is easily accessible by car. At Lake Sassière, you will find peace and quiet and nature.

Parc National de la Vanoise

Discover this national park during a holiday at Villa Parcs
When you stay at Villa Parcs, you are just a 2-hour drive through the impressive French countryside away from Parc National de la Vanoise. An ideal activity during your holiday! Stay in one of our authentic chalets or flats in the French Alps and celebrate a holiday to remember. Whether you come skiing in winter or hiking and mountain biking in summer; the area around Parc National de la Vanoise offers plenty of entertainment all year round!

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