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Le Grand Domaine ski area

The eight greatest ski slopes of Le Grand Domaine

Ski slopes at Le Grand Domaine

Skiing and snowboarding: aren't they the best things in the world? They give you a wonderful sense of freedom, when you race down the mountain at high speeds while taking in the breathtaking view at the same time. The healthy fresh Alpine air and the sun on your face complete the experience. Winter sports in the French Alps: we recommend it for everyone! And especially a ski holiday in the vast and popular ski area Le Grand Domaine, with well-known villages like Valmorel and Saint François Longchamp. The ski area is found at both sides of the famous Col de la Madeleine.

Curious about the greatest ski slopes in the Valmorel and Saint François Longchamp ski area? We list eight ski slopes or beginners and advanced skiers for you.

Ski area Valmorel

Le Grand Domaine ski area

The lowest point is at 1250 meters. The highest peaks of this ski area are over 2550 meters high.


Perfect for beginners

The ski area has 25 km of green slope and as much as 90 km of blue slope.


But also for advanced skiers

The 35 km of red slope and 15 km of black slope offer plenty of challenge for advanced winter sports enthusiasts.


🟢 Le Soleil - Green - Beginners

Le Soleil is a green slope in the Saint François Longchamp ski The slope is excellent for beginners at winter sports, as well as children. The quality of the green slopes, including this one, is high. Le Soleil might be one of the greenest slopes in the Alps! The slope is even: not too flat at any point, and not too steep either.

🔵 Le Mollaret - Blue - Beginners

Parallel to Le Soleil is the blue slope of Le Mollaret. The blue slope is a little steeper, but still perfectly manageable for beginners and children. Le Mollaret is also found in the Saint François Longchamp ski area, and winds its way underneath the Mollaret chair lift.

🔵 La Madeleine - Blue - Beginners

La Madeleine is a beautiful blue slope at the Col de la Madeleine, the mountain known for the Tour de France. The slope starts off wide, then leads through the forests, and ends below the Madeleine chair lift. Just like Le Mollaret, this blue slope is perfect for beginner skiers or snowboarders.

Valmorel ski area

🔵 La Grande Combe - Blue - Beginners

From the Saint François Longchamp ski area, you can ski to the Valmorel Ski area. Along the blue slope of La Grande Combe, you cross over to the slightly more challenging ski area in Valmorel. This allows you to explore both sides of the Col de la Madeleine. And we will give you a spoiler: it is beautiful there!

🔴 Col du Mottet - Red - Advanced

Like we mentioned, the peaks above the village of Valmorel offer a little more of a challenge for the advanced skier or snowboarder. Here, you will find several red slopes, including the Col du Mottet, the slope you absolutely must descend in Valmorel. This slope starts at one of the highest points of the Le Grand Domaine ski area: at a height of 2403 meters. Via the Col du Mottet, and alter the Combe du Mottet, you arrive at a pleasant mountain cabin.

🔴 Reverdy - Red - Advanced

Still, you will find red slopes in other places than the Valmorel ski area as well. Above the village of Saint François Longchamp, you can seek out a challenge too. From the highest point, the two most challenging slopes wind their way down. The red Reverdy is a beautiful descent with a breathtaking view of the valley. Tip: make this descent in the morning, because that is when the snow is in its best shape.

Ski area Le Grand Domaine

🔴 Samourai - Red - Advanced

The Samourai is a popular slope among advanced winter sports enthusiasts as well. From a height of 2270 meters, you will make your way toward the valley at full speed. The slope is situated high on the mountain, which means the show is often still in good condition. Do you have what it takes to brave the Samourai?

⚫ La Lauzière - Black - Advanced

And this is it: the ultimate slope for true daredevils. This is the most challenging slope of the ski area. As it implies, black stands for difficult. Are you a beginning skier or are you going for a trip with your children? In those cases, we would recommend you skip this slope. But in case you want to experience a real kick and race downward at high speed, you should go for it!

Le Grand Domaine ski area: more than just skiing

The above slopes might be our favorites in the Valmorel and Saint François Longchamp ski area, but there are many more slopes to be found. And there is even more, because a ski holiday is more than just skiing. How about hot chocolate, mulled wine, jägertee, and apple strudels? There are plenty of great ski huts in the ski area where you can relax in the sun for a while.


Staying at Parc Madeleine in Saint François Longchamp

During your holiday at Le Grand Domaine, it goes without saying that you need a base camp to enjoy some relaxation after a day on the skis or snowboard. Parc Madeleine is situated in Saint François Longchamp, right at the ski area. The resort offers luxurious apartments for 4 to 10 persons, as well as freestanding chalets for 6 to 12 persons. From your apartment or chalet, you can be on the slope in no time! You can book more than just your stay at Parc Madeleine: we are at your service when it comes to ski lessons, ski equipment, and ski passes as well. On top of this, we offer a covered parking space, ski lockers, a bread service, and a pleasant restaurant which can be seen as the living room of the resort.

Are you ready for an unforgettable holiday in the French Alps? At the ski area of Le Grand Domaine, everyone has a great time: beginners, advanced skiers, and even those who don't set foot on the slopes. Parc Madeleine offers you the ideal base camp. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your booking, and let the countdown to your winter sports holiday begin!


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