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Packing list hiking holiday

Packing list hiking holiday

What do you take with you on your walking holiday in France?

You are going on holiday to France and will be hiking during this holiday, but what should you take with you? You obviously don't want to take too much stuff with you to France, but you certainly don't want to take too little either. We have therefore compiled a packing list for your hiking holiday in France!

packing list hiking holiday

Hiking clothing

First of all, you should think carefully about what clothes you want to take with you. This depends mainly on the weather, but have you also considered that it is much colder at the top of the mountains than in the valleys, for example? A tip from us is therefore to put on layers so that you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions with ease. Also consider buying zip-off trousers, which are ideal for mountain hiking. In addition, for warmer days, it is useful to bring clothes that breathe well and dry quickly. During rainy days, your poncho and/or rain suit will be your best friend. Also don't forget to bring gloves, a hat and a scarf if winter weather is forecast.

An overview:

  • Mountain and/or hiking boots
  • Rain gear
  • Trousers and shirts
  • Cardigans and jackets
  • Winter clothing, including gloves
  • Hiking socks
packing list hiking holiday

On the go

One of the first things to take with you while hiking is food and drink. Take along energy bars, biscuits, dried fruit or chocolate, for example. In terms of drinks, the easiest thing to take with you is of course water, but if you want some extra sugar for the road take a sweet drink. Perhaps one of the most important things you take with you while hiking; your backpack. Always choose a backpack that fits you well. This obviously depends on how much you want to take on the road, but it is also important to take a backpack that is comfortable on your back.

 Packing list hiking holiday

Documents and security

Without your documents, you will get nowhere. Therefore, don't forget to bring your passport. Your driving licence, bank card and/or credit card are also handy to bring. In addition, it is always handy to bring cash. As you obviously want to reach your final destination safely, we also have a number of things you can take along for your own safety. Think for example of a compass, GPS device or a map of the area. But also think about a first-aid kit including blister plasters, mosquito repellent and any medication. A whistle, in case it is not a standard part of your rucksack, is also a must.

take along during a walking holiday

Other products

Of course, there are many other things you can take with you on walking holidays in France. Think for instance of sunglasses for sunny days and a rain cover for your rucksack for less beautiful days. During your hike you are bound to see the most beautiful landscapes, so don't forget to bring your camera with spare batteries. Of course, you can also take pictures with your phone, but don't forget to bring a power bank. Want to spot animals on the road? Then bring your binoculars. Want to learn about the flora and fauna? Then look for guidebooks available about your hiking area. Sunscreen is also a useful product to take with you on your walking holiday. There is nothing more annoying than getting sunburnt during your hike, so don't forget to apply sunscreen regularly.


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Enjoy an overnight stay during your hiking holiday in France

After a full day of hiking, you will want to relax in a comfortable chalet. So choose one of the Villa Parcs parks. We have three different parks spread across France. Each park is located in a unique hiking environment and offers comfortable chalets, flats and villas where you can relax and recover from the most beautiful hikes. Parc Madeleine and Vallandry are located in the French Alps and Les Forges Villas is in beautiful Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Besides hiking, all locations offer many other fun sports such as cycling, winter sports and much more. When may we welcome you?


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