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Fun on the ski slopes: which level suits your child?

Winter joy for the little ones Will you take the entire family on an

active winter sports vacation

in the French Alps? It's important to know which ski schools there are for children and which

different levels

are being offered here. The ESF ski schools are characterized by red suits and you will obtain a "blanchot" or "étoile". At ESI you'll find ski instructors in blue suits, and children can obtain a "souris" or a "cristal". We will highlight the different levels and what your child will learn here below.

Petit Ours

At this level,

children under the age of five

learn how to put on their skis independently and how to move across flat surfaces. As the lessons continue, children learn to slide, to use a ski lift, and to control their speed. After finishing this level they can also make turns and go down gradual descents. Children receive a "garolou" or a "souris blance" (white mouse).

Ours Brun

This level is suitable for children aged between 7 and 12. Here they carefully start skiing

outside the children areas

. They learn to ski at faster speeds and to make snowplough turns and small jumps. They increasingly use their skis in parallel and can ski from one leg to the other. After completing this level, children receive a "flocon" or a "cristal international".

Eme étoile

These lessons are split into three levels. At level one, children can make easy turns while keeping others and their surroundings in mind. At level two they can ski across crests and holes, make controlled sliding turns, and perform the

skating step.

At the third level, children make real parallel turns while keeping their balance. They build up speed and use zigzag maneuvers. After completing each level they receive a medal.

Étoile de bronze

At this level children learn to make

fast (slalom) turns

while keeping their surroundings in mind. They also get introduced to skiing on ski-cross descents, keep their balances on the slopes, and can jump over small crests. Afterwards, they receive a bronze medal.

Étoile d’argent

The next step of Ski de Bronze. At this level children learn to

ski in a very precise and controlled way.

They make fewer sliding turns and refine their steering and skiing technique. They carefully start making their first freestyle jumps and join timed descents. This gives them skiing experience in multiple types of snow. Completion is rewarded with a silver medal.

Étoile d’or

When children reach this level they are competent skiers. They can ski without any issues on various slopes and in various snow conditions. They can make slaloms and turns in various terrains and ski down slopes of various colors. They can even ski down a small giant slalom and afterwards join competitive lessons. Here they can ski down larger slaloms.

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