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Summer Poitou Charentes

The 10 best summer activities in Les Forges

Fun summer activities in Poitou Charentes

Poitou Charentes: a beloved French holiday destination with plenty to see and do! Vast sandy beaches, ancient castles, beautiful vineyards and picturesque villages. More and more people are discovering Poitou Charentes, and for good reason. The region truly introduces you to France including its "chill" atmosphere and, of course, the French cuisine (taste the most delicious cheeses and wines!). Explore sunny Poitou Charentes in France from Les Forges Villas, a small-scale villa park with highly luxurious holiday villas. And wat better time for it than summer? We've listed the 10 best summer activities in Les Forges, Poitou Charentes for you.

Les Forges Villas

Les Forges Villas is a small holiday park tucked away in the French countryside. Enjoy as stay at a luxury villa for up to 10 persons.

Joie de vivre

Enjoy French life! Relax surrounded by nature, in the sun and with a glass of wine and a baguette and some brie on hand.

Poitou Charentes region

A very popular vacation destination! Beach lovers, culture seekers, those looking for some peace, or families: it's fun for everyone!

Parthenay city

Discover Parthenay, a unique town situated on a high rock and surrounded by the Thouet River. Are you strolling through Partenay? If so, time almost seems to have stood still. The breathtaking bridge and gate of Saint Jacques will take you back to the past. Be sure to put this town on your list during your vacation in Poitou Charentes! Parthenay is just a 30-minute drive from Les Forges Villas.

Poitiers city

Another city you must visit is the old town of Poitiers, about 40 minutes by car from Les Forges Villas. In the center, you can enjoy some shopping and then enjoy a good glass of wine on a sunny patio. You can also admire beautiful old buildings, such as the Bapistère Saint-Jean and the Palace of Justice. For those among us who love culture, Poitiers is definitely a must-visit! 


Lac de Verruyes lake

Have some fun in the water just a half-hour drive away! There, you will find Lac du Verruyes, a lake with a beach and an aqua park (fun for the kids). Enjoy sunbathing, eating ice cream at the beach bar, and occasionally cooling off in the water. Sounds like a pleasant afternoon in Poitou Charentes in France, doesn't it?

Swamp area Marais Poitevin

Also called La Venise Verte, or The Green Venice, because of its many canals. Marais Poitevin is known as one of the popular Poitou Charentes attractions. It is perfect for a unique walking or biking tour. There are also several places where you can rent a boat to tour through French Venice. This idyllic natural park can be reached in about an hour by car from Les Forges Villas.   

Atlantic coast - 400 km of sandy beaches

Also just over a hour away are the vast sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast. Go ahead and pack your swimsuits, beach towels, umbrella, air mattresses, and beach ball, get in your car and get ready to arrive at the sea. Nothing beats a day at the beach, right? You will experience it in Poitou Charentes in France!

Atlantic coast

Theme park Futuroscope

Recommended for a day out with the family: theme and amusement park Futuroscope. Here, you will watch TV and movies like you have never experienced before. The park is built around the themes of multimedia, cinematography, and futuristic audiovisual techniques. Excitement and thrills guaranteed with as many as 40 attractions. The theme park is approximately 40 minutes by car from Les Forges Villas.

Coudray-Salbart Castle

Also at 40 minutes by car from Les Forges Villas is breathtaking Coudray-Salbart Castle, in the town of Échiré. Built in the 13th century, the castle has kept its original and military appearance well over the years. Get to know the castle's special rooms on a guided tour. 

Grottes du Quéroy

It takes a trip, as much as 1.5 hours by car, but you will be rewarded! These caves are among the most beautiful caves in Poitou Charentes. A great place to visit! Discover as many as 30 different rooms spread over 800 meters. Tip: join a guided tour, where the guide will show you the most beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.


Golf Bluegreen des Forges

A lot closer, at just 5 minutes on foot, you can experience a day of golf fun! Enjoy some golf in the sun on a golf course with as many as 27 holes. There are individual golf lessons for beginners and a special Golf School Program for children. The golf club features a restaurant overlooking the course, a heated pool, a tennis court, a pétanque court, and table tennis. Something for everyone on a lovely summer day!

A day at the park

And our final tip for summer? Spending a day at Les Forges Villas! Just enjoy French life, with a something to eat and a drink on the patio of your highly luxurious villa. Les Forges Villa also has a big outdoor pool, great for spending a day enjoying the French sun. And in the evening? You'll enjoy a balmy summer evening, French cuisine and hours of dining. The ultimate holiday feeling!

Les Forges Villas

As you can see, Poitou Charentes is bursting at the seams with fun sights, natural areas, villages, and towns. Add to that the "chill" French atmosphere, beautiful vineyards, and French cuisine, and your vacation is complete. And what better place to spend your holiday in Poitou Charentes than a highly luxurious and spacious villa at Les Forges Villas? The park consists of 14 villas, suitable for up to 10 persons and is surrounded by forests and picturesque villages. The villas are modern and stylishly furnished and feature private parking, a large yard, a patio and a barbecue. This guarantees warm summer evenings.

Stimulate your senses with the sounds and tastes of French country life. Joie de vivre!


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