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Covid-19 conditions

Covid-19 conditions

Covid-10 conditions

(These Covid Terms and Conditions apply to all booked travel with an Execution Date / Arrival Date, until 18 April 2021. Our general terms and conditions apply to all journeys booked with an execution date/arrival date after 01 April 2021).

Villa Parcs determines 10 to 14 days before the holiday starts what the situation, advice, colour codes and travel advice are. If it turns out that the holiday cannot go ahead, the Covid-19 terms and conditions below also apply in addition to our general terms and conditions:

1. If your booking with Villa Parcs cannot go ahead in order to comply with guidelines and/or instructions from the (local) government or relevant public health authorities, you will receive a voucher. You will receive a voucher to the value of the amount you paid for the reservation.

2. This voucher is valid for 15 months and can be used as a means of payment to make a new reservation (subject to availability). Offering a voucher under these circumstances is part of the agreement and does not constitute a change to the agreement.

3. The voucher is valid for 15 months from the arrival date of your original booking. This means that you must have booked a new stay within 15 months of your original arrival date.

4. The new booking (date) is subject to availability.

5. If the new booking is more expensive, the price difference will be charged to the guest.

6. If the new booking is cheaper, the remaining value will remain on your voucher (valid for 15 months from the arrival date of your original booking). If your voucher still contains a value after making a new booking, you can use this credit during your stay in our restaurant (within 15 months from the date of arrival of your original booking).

7. The voucher is not transferable to third parties and is not redeemable for cash.

8. If you have purchased ski passes for your stay at Villa Parcs, this amount will be refunded in full.

9. The value of the voucher is equal to the amount already paid and received by Villa Parcs for your original booking, including any booking fees paid, and does not claim the same or similar services as the original booking.

10. The above conditions have been established after consultation with the Consumer & Market Authority. These regulations may be amended if Villa Parcs deems it necessary and/or if the government decides that the Covid-19 measures will continue for a longer period of time.

All other conditions of the General Terms and Conditions remain applicable to the booking.